Gbemisola was setting up the table for dinner when her husband walked in, fiercely loosening his tie like it had offended him on his way back from work.

“ọkọ mi” she greeted

“ọkan mi” he responded

“when was I elected the one who goes first?”


“It goes Okan mi, Oko mi … not Oko mi Okan mi. I am your heart before you are my husband.” She said wittily

“Ma binu my dear, had a rough day at work and Lagos traffic no even help matters” he said as he dropped his briefcase on one of the sofas.

She walked over to him and tried taking his jacket from him, but he pulled her into him with it instead and sniffed her.

“Is this the perfume I bought you? Hm?”

“No. Body butter kemi dropped off yesterday, and Tweï is almost done with dinner.” She tried to walk away but he pulled her back.

“Don’t leave me” he said, in a voice so soft it gave her goosebumps. She started again in the direction of the kitchen to check on how the food was going, like she hadn’t heard what he said; and Kola was following not too far behind her like a child anticipating some kind of gift from its mother.

“I’ll like to have you for dinner instead” he blurted out

“After we’ve spent all afternoon cooking? Gbenu e dake.”

“Ehn then, after dinner mo ma pa e” he whispered

“what did you say?

“What did you hear?”

He tried grabbing her again but this time, missed. Is this man on drugs? She thought to herself. He had to be under some kind of influence to be acting this way.

“Kola? Hope nothing?”

“I thought of you all day, gbems o ga o. I just want what’s mine.”

Before she knew it, Kola’s front was pressed on the back of her body. He gently started choking her and whispered in her ears:


The air in the passageway suddenly became very hot and heavy. She could now feel her pulse as well as his right hand between her legs.

“Kola din-”

“On the dining table?”

“dinner. Dinner Kola.”

She shook herself from his grip. Gbemi had never caught him in that mood before, in all the time they had been together he hadn’t once expressed his need for her so shamelessly. Seemed like a trick but it was exciting, a fresh feeling.

“Chef Tweï ? Dinner?”

“Roughly another 25 minutes ma…”

With Tweï not addressing anyone but her, she realised that K had drawn back right before she pushed open the kitchen door. She then had to find him to let him know that the same dinner she had been niggling about would be late.

As she made her way to their bedroom, she knew what was about to happen and even though she was ready for it, she was still going to make him beg; because who didn’t want to hear their partner talk-on about how much they desired them? She just wanted to be worshiped.

Sitting on a well ornate chair with his top four buttons undone and his legs spread, looking like a comfortable king in his throne. Kola, the man she had been married to for over 7 years, the father of her son, the same man who came into their union a novice was now exuding dangerous amounts of sex appeal.

His eyes caught hers immediately she walked into the room; and the way he dropped his whiskey glass on the side table told her all she needed to know.

He walked up, shut the door behind her and kissed her. His kiss felt hungry, demanding. Even though she wanted to have the upper hand, she found herself melting into his touch.

She looked up at him, into his eyes. There was something very dark about the person standing in front of her; he looked and sounded like her husband but the eyes, those eyes were saying something different.

She was in a slip-on dress, one of his favourites, the navy blue. He pushed the left strap off her shoulder with so much disgust in his demeanour.

“Don’t hide your beautiful skin from me Gbems”

“Are you okay?”

“Gbemi? … you’re talking too much. Is there anything wrong with me craving my wife? … The dress. The dress isn’t allowing me be okay.”

She let the second strap go and the dress fell to the ground.


Every time she would think back to that night, she would remember how the smile he had on his face when her dress touched the floor had scared the hairs on her back straight.

He took a step back and just stared at her. Tilting his head to the right and to the left like he was trying to get a better view.

“You know” he said, as he rolled up his sleeves “I spent the whole of my Friday afternoon thinking long and hard about how I was going to express my discontent with the way you spoke to me this morning” he stepped closer as he continued

“we joke Gbems” sniffing her neck “but we don’t disguise disrespect as banter”

“please sit.” He pointed at the bed.

Even though she wasn’t sure which of her statements might have been misconstrued as disrespect, she sat. Her heart racing from looking at him; the light from the bedside lamp reflecting on his bald head, his beard still looking moisturised after a long day, his earring glistening.

He came closer and started kissing all over her body; from her cheeks to her chest down to her caesarean scar, her ankles then back to her lips.

He was being so gentle with her, made her wonder how that was meant to be a reprimand. Where had this person been all these years? Did it really just take using a slightly different tone with him to bring this out? she didn’t know what had gone through his mind between 8:45am and 6:50pm but she did know she wanted him, almost as much as she felt he wanted her.

He lay beside her, looking intently into her eyes as he ran his fingers up and down her leg a couple times, hesitating every time before he got to the moistness that waited.

His goal seemed to be to drive her crazy; she knew her sarcasm would get her in trouble one day, but she had no idea it would be with her partner in her bed and in such a manner.

She grabbed his hand and tried pulling it into position, but he shook his head in disapproval then whispered in her ears

“Not Yet.”

He placed his face close to hers, close enough for her to feel his breath but not enough for her to stretch and reach for a kiss.

Gbemisola tried to speak “but you-”

“ehn ehn” he grimaced “we’ll talk later”

He got off the bed and knelt in front of her. Kissing her knees, making his way up and stopping abruptly again. He looked up at her and laughed.

“You’re breathing heavy, are YOU okay?” he said

“I’m fine mhm”

After another 5 minutes of him taunting her, teasing her and enjoying it he finally decided to take off his shirt. she wasn’t sure how long they had left till dinner was fully prepared and placed on the table, but she was ready to let her meal go cold just to continue experiencing that soul slicing tension with her man.

Kola had never been one to miss foreplay, but that day he did. She wasn’t sure if it was intentionally or he was too consumed by the thought of making her wait that he jumped a step. She didn’t mind it though because she was ready, more than ready. She had been ready since he went under her dress by the kitchen.

He made her face the headboard and place her hands on it, leaning forward from behind her towards her ear

“Stay still”

He reached over and put two fingers in her, kissing her neck and telling her over and over how wet and warm she felt also how heavenly her skin smelt . Touching her so sweetly.

The temperature in the room kept rising, the intensity increasing, the pressure in her head made the figures she saw in the dark room lose their form, she could feel everything, feel herself about to climax when he withdrew.

“Oh lord Jesus” she shouted “KOLA!”


“Kola please”

He stretched and used one of the same fingers to line the corners of her lips before sticking it into her mouth.

“Gbemssss” he dragged the s in a playful manner “you know it’s not about the begging”

She heard him undo his zipper and could instantly feel herself getting wetter. She let her arch collapse, allowing her stomach to touch the bed. He placed his weight on her as he entered her slowly but surely.

An arm reached up from under her and grabbed her neck. Pulling her bare back towards his bare chest. With every thrust came a complementary kiss. Her slow stroke king. She became an instrument in his hands. Every move made her sing and the room quickly filled with the rhythm of her moans.

Like everything had been planned and ordained, as she was about to have her previously denied orgasm, like all forces on earth were working against her getting satisfaction, the intercom rang.

“That’s it baby, ignore it”

But she spoke too soon, it was like her words fell on deaf ears. He reached over and pressed the dial.

Tweï’s voice came through “dinner is served sir”

How could this be happening? How was her own husband torturing her? He stood up and wore his trousers while holding her gaze. She was in disbelief. Kola smiled at her and the darkness that was once over him had lifted.

“We don’t disguise disrespect as banter Gbems” he said as he made his way out of the room “Dinner is ready.”



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